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Jeff Gund

Account Director

Jeffrey started his career producing and arranging music for theatrical trailers, such as Dances With Wolves, which won a CLIO AWARD, Silence of the Lambs, Young Guns, Back to the Future 3, Playing God, and Even Cowgirls Get the Blues. His music can be heard on top TV shows such as Entertainment Tonight and A&E's Biography, as well as numerous shows for Discovery Channel and The Learning Channel. Gund has composed the score for award winning feature films, and has done sound design work on films such as Virtuosity (Denzel Washington, Russell Crowe) and television shows such as Fox's VR-5. His sound design work includes the video game for Disney’s The Lion King, and Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail, which earned the prestigious CODIE AWARD for Best Use of Music and Sound in Multimedia.

Expanding his efforts into the area of event promotion, Jeffrey regularly produces high profile

events around Hollywood, including high profile red carpet events covered by press and Getty

Images, with special guests including A-List writers, producers, execs, and stars from blockbuster

films, top television shows, music industry, major video game franchises, and top content creators

with millions of followers. Jeff has also produced numerous concert events by celebrities such as

Jeff Goldblum, Dennis Quaid, Kevin Bacon, and Juliette Lewis.

Also working as Press, Jeff sometimes covers major film festivals such as the Sundance Film

Festival, and also photographs numerous industry events including the Emmy Awards, and other

celebrity and fashion events in Hollywood.

All these relationships led Gund to the formation of of which he is CEO and

Founder, a premiere entertainment industry platform which provides jobs and opportunities for

over 60,000 professionals and up and comers, with a combined reach on social media of over

100,000. His content partners and providers for job, casting, and event information include all

the major studios from Paramount to Sony, WB, and Fox; all the major TV networks such

as ABC, NBC, MTV, VH1, A+E, OWN, Discovery, and Food Network; major guilds

and organizations such as the Producers Guild, SAG, WGA, and the Academy of

Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (Oscars); as well as top television production

companies and producers of major television commercials.

In addition to founding the INFOLIST platform, Gund is also involved with other entertainment

tech startups including, to which he brought in advisory board members

including writers and producers of blockbuster films and top execs from major studios.

Jeff Gund
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